D.P.R. Korea Grand Tour

60 days in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.
A guided visit covering the entire country.
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Higher Ground

Sequel to 'Moments before the flood'. Fiction story after the flood. Published by Lannoo/Belgium.
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Cuba La Lucha

Cuban roadtrip.
Released one week before the historical visit of President Obama.
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World War I

Album 14-18 (selection of historical images).
The First World War Now (10 Magnum photographers in their homeland).
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Moments before the flood

120000 km along the European coastline. Book published in 2012 by Lannoo - Belgium.
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Congo (Belge), Congo Belge en Images

Belgium exported its very own surrealism to Africa. Congo, the most mythical country of the dark continent. 50 years after Congo's independence and colonialism, what's left?
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Trinity is a triptych on the theme of the omnipresence of power and violence. Tableaux d'Histoire, Tableaux de Guerre, Tableaux Politiques.
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Imagine my surprise when I discovered in 2000 that most of the former gulags where still in function, only now as ordinary prisons.
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Celebrating the 500th birthday of Emperor Charles V.
The official itinerary of the emperor revisited in 1999, thinking in my head I was walking in the 16th century Europe.
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East of Eden

East of Eden explores the border area between two ideologies. In Eastern Europe's current transitional phase, not all traces of communism have yet been erased.
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God, Inc.

How religious is America? 3600 officially registered churches in 1991. 50.000 km, 250 church visits, 1 year and 32 states later : God, Inc.
And Gulf war I of course.
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Homo Sovieticus

November 9, 1989. Who could have dreamed that on the night of the presentation of my book 'Homo Sovieticus' someone would shout : 'They are tearing down the Berlin wall!'
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India, my first love. I swore I would never leave my house again after my first trip. So far I have visited India at least 10 times. India could be my last love.
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