Album 14-18


100 years since the start of World War I. Researched in European museums and collections. Retouched and printed respecting the original negatives (or autochromes).

Part of a two book project and exhibition commissioned by the city of Bruges. In collaboration with David Van Reybrouck.

This is the historical part. The First World War Now is the contemporary part.

Intro by Geoff Dyer

Intro by David Van Reybrouck

Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud

Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud had connections with Auguste and Louis Lumière,
inventors of the autochrome process, and ranks as one of the pioneers
of French photography, working for much of his career as an official photographer
in the army. He took more than 3,000 photographs at the Western front.
Tournassoud’s style is strongly influenced by nineteenth-century Romantic
painting, and the photographs in this series show his fondness for staged tableaux.

Isidore Aubert

Paul Castelnau, Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud, Albert Samama-Chikli

Léon Gimpel

Maurice Antony, Robert Antony

Isidore Aubert, Paul Castelnau, Fernand Cuville

Arthur Brusselle

Albert Moreau

German Collection

N. Lajot