God, Inc.


In the summer of 1990 Carl De Keyzer accompanied by his wife and three-year-old son takes the plane to LosAngeles, California. There he buys a camping car - which will be his home for a year - and immediately heads for the northern states, before winter sets in. He has only one subject on his agenda: religious groups. The United States are a breeding ground for about 3700 different religious groups. Religion is an essential part of the American wary of life, if only because of the particular attention given to it by movie stars, pop artists, politicians and the media. Churches are not subsidised in the US but they are exempted from taxes. Otherwise they have to be fully self-supporting. Most churches are doing well, very well. It appears that God as product is the gap in the American market of the 90s; hence, God Incorporated.

Traveling month after month from one state to another Carl De Keyzer has photographed Americans in their religious experience. His approach is both aesthetical and critical, his attitude is one of surprise and relativisation. “I was shocked to find that religion plays such an important part in American society, that it was so widely spread. One year long I wondered why Americans are so intense and emotional in their religious experience. I have found no answer to my questions, but then why should I ? I am no philosopher. I just pointed out and registered things, in my own way.”

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