Trinity consists of large-scale colour works depicting conflicts, world events or politics. The pictures are characterized by detachment, directness and rich details, a documentary approach which is countered by dramatic intensity and a narrative structure. "I sometimes work where power presents itself as a spectacle, as an event produced for or with the media, and my pictures may then take an ironic undertone. But I photograph the ordinary man more often than the leader. I usually stay at the distance where the human relationships are visible, multiple, active and where they remain problematic.”

Inspired by 3 'History painting' genres. 

Tableaux d'Histoire (1991 - 2000), Tableaux de Guerre (2003 - 2006), Tableaux Politiques (2005 - 2007).

Tribus by Peter De Graeve

The political pictorialism of Carl De Keyzer by Lieven De Cauter

An overview of the wars by Katharine Derderian


Tableaux d'Histoire

Tableaux de Guerre

Tableaux Politiques

Capitol Hill - USA

The Great Hall - China

European Parliament