DPR Korea Grand Tour


60 days in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. A guided visit covering the entire country.

North Korea – officially the Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea – is one of the hardest places in the world to photograph. Thousands of Westerners visit the DPRK on authorized tours each year but have to follow strict guidelines when taking pictures. Professional photographers are simply not allowed on these trips. Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer is one of very few to have been given unprecedented access to the DPRK. This opportunity was made possible by the British-run Koryo Group, which has been taking people to the DPRK since 1993 and whose aim is to encourage people-to- people engagement through travel, culture, sport and humanitarian projects. In the course of four journeys totaling sixty days, De Keyzer and his Korean guides travelled the length and breadth of the country, observing the place and its people. De Keyzer visited more than 200 locations, travelling to every single one of the country’s provinces. The result is a unique and often very surprising view of one of the world’s most complex, concealed and confusing countries.

Text and captions by Koryo Tours, text and images approved by Pyongyang.

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