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DF (Poland) - DPRK


El Pais - Spain

PF - Holland. DPRK

Nouvel Obs - France. DPRK


Magnum Live Lab-1.jpg

Magnum Live Lab London

with Mark Power and Olivia Arthur

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Magnum Live Lab London

Lecture organised by the Province of East Flanders about my climate project and DPRK.


De Afspraak VRT - DPRK

Dago Sondervan performs a piece based on my DPRK images and recordings made from my hotel room at night. Night of De Standaard, Antwerp, De Singel 2017.

Interne keuken groepsfoto

Interne keuken groepsfoto

Culture Club (VRT - national tv) 2017. Interview with Bieke Depoorter and Harry Gruyaert

Higher Ground


Bruzz (Higher Ground)

VRT Journaal TV (Higher Ground)

Phhilippe Claudel about Higher Ground


Kunstuur AVRO (Holland) - Odyssea - Moments before the flood

Cuba La Lucha - Breda Photo (Interview)


‘Moments before the flood’ at Galerie Atlas, part of the Photography Festival in Lódz. 2015

Wideorelacja z 14. Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Fotografii w Łodzi / 28.05 - 07.06 Produkcja: Marta Alemany Video relation of the 14th Edition of the International Photography Festival in Lódz.


World War 1 - Trailer by Gonewest. 2014

Odyssea by Jimmy Kets (trailer of a 1 hour documentary, following me during the shooting of ‘Moments before the flood’ in Ireland, Norway, Croatia and Albania.

OdysSea - The epic journey of Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer, Moments Before The Flood Magnumfotografen hebben een eenzaam beroep. Voor zijn fotoreeks Moments Before the Flood maakte Carl De Keyzer een vier jaar durende reis van meer dan 120.000 kilometer langs de Europese kustlijn die langzaamaan in zee dreigt te verdwijnen.


A report from Monocle from the exhibition and awards ceremony for the fourth Prix Pictet at the Saatchi Gallery: On Tuesday 9 October the French photographer Luc Delahaye was announced as winner of the fourth Prix Pictet photography prize, selected from a shortlist of twelve artists; Robert Adams, Daniel Beltra, Mohamed Bourouissa, Philippe Chancel, Edward Clark, Carl de Keyzer, Luc Delahaye, Rena Effendi, Jacqueline Hassink, An-My Le, Joel Sternfeld and Guy Tillim.

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During two years, 2000-2002, Carl de Keyzer has documented daily life in 35 of the 135 prison camps in the region of Krasnojarsk, Siberia. In a territory as big as Europe, prisoners live in a "country" of their own, with specific rules and esthetics.


'Congo (Belge)' and 'Congo Belge en images' at FOMU Antwerp.

EXQI Cultuurjournaal. Culture channel about Congo at FOMU Museum / Antwerp. 2010



Trinity at BNF Paris 2008.







ZONA by Jules Vandevelde.

Exhibition at Caermersklooster - Ghent 2003



Rubriek 700 - VRT 2001 - video portrait

Ghent - San Francisco (Art Institute)








Image by John Vink. New York 1995.

Image by John Vink. New York 1995.